Thanks for visiting us! Robots and Cupcakes may be a new company, but all the people working here have been together for many, many years, and have been working in Educational Publishing for even longer!

Between the economy, some of us losing our jobs, and all of us wanting to try something completely fresh and new, it made too much sense to do it all together. Robots and Cupcakes was born.

Not only are we still carrying on the way of print production and design (what we were practically born doing), we've decided to take our talents a bit further and develop our stories and ideas into something we can REALLY share. We all remember what it was like sitting on our mom or dad's lap while learning to read. We want to continue that tradition while moving along with the technology that is seemingly ready to burst at the seams!

We hope you find our iPhone, iPad and Smartboard apps inspiring! We only create what we would have loved to play with when we were little.  =)

Sharon Reid