"Zoo" on the way...

We're over halfway through preparing "The Mixed-Up Wacky Zoo"! Gorgeous art, animation, sounds and music = complete excitement for how well this app could do!

It's our sixth month anniversary today!

It's been a very exciting six months so far!!!

On February 17th, some lawyer out there put a big'ol seal of approval for our LLC. Since then, we've grown every single month. We're working with companies we thought it would take a year just to get our foot in the door! Things are going very well so far.

Keep a close eye on us– give us six more months. We promise to knock your socks off!

Final art is coming in....

Here's the last peek I can show until we're closer to being finished! The final art for the "giraffe page", before it's comp'd and animated...

Phil Jones is so great!

Facebook page, live. Check!

Our Facebook page is up and public: Please join!

I think I'm getting the hang of how much to put on Facebook verus the blog. Obviously, more info should go here, but I went a little crazy with the Facebook. Once our new, redesigned site is up and running, we'll be pouring tons of content into the blog and simply placing links to them on Facebook.

Anyway, enjoy! We have tons of giveaways and news updates to share: It'll all come together at the end of August (or so I'm told). ;)

Animatics complete!

WHEW! Animatics for all 14 story pages have been completed! They're now in the hands of our most awesome illustrator, Phil Jones, to complete his final art. Here's what the timeline looks for the page of the story with monkeys on it:

This weekend we'll be making our Facebook page public! We've been posting some content to it (about as much as we have here), so there's something worth reading.

Stay tuned- we'll post some animatic snippets next week...