Getting ready for the holiday season...

The Robots and Cupcakes team is getting ready for the holiday season! One of three new iPad kid's games are in progress, as well as the Mixed-Up Wacky Zoo storybook! Lots and lots going on...stay tuned...

Pumpkin Pad recommended by

Pumpkin Pad's first review is out!

We often visit PadGadget for the latest iPad and other gadget news and reviews, so we were so happy to see that they took the time to play with our little Halloween app!

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Video tour of Pumpkin Pad on YouTube and Facebook

Pumpkin Pad for iPad is out, so we made a quick, silly tour so you could have a peek at it...

Click here for the video on YouTube

Click here for the video on Facebook  ...Don't forget to "like" while you're there!  ;)

Additionally, we've updated our site to include our apps! (We've been busy!)

Pumpkin Pad now available for iPad!

We're off to a fantastic start! Our first iPad app, Pumpkin Pad, is finally available in the Apple iTunes store!

Feel free to email Robots and Cupcakes as many pumpkins as you like. We'll be setting up a pumpkin gallery on our site around Halloween, so you may see yours there!

You can find Pumpkin Pad right here.

R&C collaborating with Kurtz Studios on Christmas apps!

A new announcement: Robots and Cupcakes and John Kurtz Studios is collaborating to create some iPad games for Claus Kids this December! The official Claus Kids web site launches next month.

Pumpkin Pad to be available next week!

Our first iPad app to be released: Pumpkin Pad! It was the perfect trial run for us, and it's a really fun app to play with! It's being submitted to Apple this weekend- We'll you know as soon as it's available!

There are literally thousands of combinations between the free-carving, the shape cut-outs, and all the silly eyes, noses and mouths to choose from! You can also choose from a ton of Halloween backgrounds and different music selections to get your creative juices flowing!

Here are two screen shots: One of the animated title page, and one of a pumpkin (one of three) being decorated. We hope you all enjoy this silly fun!