Busy, busy!

Wow! We've definitely started off 2011 right! While we're engulfed in print and digital work, we've completed a good handful of quotes for more mobile work; a very good sign for the future. We're also in the middle of getting The Mixed-Up Wacky Zoo in print form. (It's going to be beautiful!)

We're also very, very excited about the success many schools are having while testing with iPads. It's been going on for the last two months, and they're having amazing results! I read today that the Georgia State Senate is considering moving all schools in this direction. This is awesome news for us, because we're completely set and ready to move along with it! Here's a link to the article.

We really hope this continues everywhere- there's nothing more satisfying than taking print and moving it into digital form! It's an art form in a way– a very thoughtful, exciting process that we've been working with for a year now.

Speaking of: It's almost Robots and Cupcakes' one year anniversary! Even though all of us have been in this field for most of our life employment, coming together in one place and growing in whatever personal direction we choose has worked out beautifully. And this is only the first year! Some of our production people are also stop-motion animators, After Effects wizards, Flash animators– we even have a professional traditional animator on our team. I'd love to put all of that to good use in the upcoming year!

We hope you all are doing well, and having a successful 2011 yourself!