Voiceover complete!

We're working over the weekend (partially out of excitement) to do cleanup on the voiceovers we recorded earlier in the week. We were lucky enough to get Rohan Cassels in to try out for our Jamaican voiceover for the narration part of the story.

While we're finishing up on the vo cleanups, we're preparing to negotiate on a new office! It's located in Hoboken, NJ, right down the street from the trains and PATH. A super great location- I hope it works out, 'cause we need more space soon!

A few pics form the session:

Sneak peek at some of the early sketches...

Our first iPad storybook is underway; what an exciting adventure this has been!

Here's a sneak peek at two of the sketches from the story. The art is being done by Phil Jones, an amazing character artist. He has worked for some amazing companies, one of them being Disney. You can tell in his style!

The app should be completed by early September, so it will hopefully be available in the App Store by mid September! More peeks to come... =)