Modern Buffets now available on Amazon!

Here's a trade book we recently produced for John Wiley & Sons. It's a gorgeous culinary instructional guide for creating buffet presentations...Tons of amazing recipes and incredible photos!

Robots and Cupcakes has YoPoweR!

We've been lucky enough to be introduced to and work with YoMagination Wellness & Education®, a wonderful client that has produced a completely amazing program called Kids YoPoweR!. It teaches children to develop a positive sense of personal wellness, self expression and empowerment through yoga poses, memorable characters, healthy eating, playing and positive thinking!

The program uses locations on The Island of YoMagination to teach life lessons and relaxation techniques to be used for real life situations that can cause anxiety, such as meeting new people and trying new things.

We're currently creating an iPad app for them to introduce the Kids YoPoweR! program, to be released in August. It's going to be a very soothing, visual introduction to The Island of YoMagination and a few of it's inhabitants. Want to know what "Tiggily Wiggilys" and "Oogily Boogilys" are? Check back soon for a sneak peek, before the app is released!