TSI Graphic releases new app with R&C music!

TSI Graphics has just released their first iPad app, an interactive story based on the fable "The Dog and the Bone"!

Robots and Cupcakes created the custom music for this delightful story and its activities. The story also includes adorable narration, touch-and-read words with definitions, and a glossary of terms for help kids understand the new words while reading!

Check it out, now available for $0.99!

To hear a smattering of our music samples, click here!

R&C teams up with Phil Jones!

Aaand, we're BACK!

We've been very busy bees with large projects, both print and digital– as well as some miscellaneous voiceover and animation projects! It's been a wonderful year so far...

And to add the icing on the cupcake, our next original interactive book is schedule to release by fall this year: AJ's Big Adventure!

We're so, SO excited about this book. The story is written and illustrated by Phil Jones (see Phil Jones Illustration), who also did all of the art for our recent iPad app, "The Mixed-Up Wacky Zoo".

AJ's Big Adventure is about a little boy and his furry friends who create a hot air balloon out of a laundry basket and found materials and embark on a big adventure! The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and the scenes are filled with so many creative little details to discover, we can't wait to get it into your hands!

This time, we're building the book in iBooks Author, also using HTML5 and Javascript for added animation and lots of surprises. The music will of course be done by the infamous Rick Hinkle, who will be pumping in the last of the magic into the story...if it will fit!

working cover

Keep checking back for updates and sneak peeks, and also keep an eye on our website as we'll be adding more music, animation and book work very soon!