Christmas Belles is now available for iPad!

Happy Holidays from Kurtz Art Studio and Robots and Cupcakes– Christmas Belles is now officially available for iPad in the iTunes store! 

In this game, you can play along with the Belles to help them perform three Christmas classics, or you can free play to compose your own masterpiece! There's also an option to record and play your songs back so you can share them with family and friends. The graphics and music are just beautiful, bringing your family closer together to enjoy some musical holiday fun.

The Christmas Belles characters come from the holiday web site,, where you can find a plethora of games and activities to help save Christmas! The site should be up any day now, and we couldn't be more excited– the characters and animation and music are amazing! Many of the people who worked on both the Christmas Belles game and on the Claus Kids site came directly from Cartoon Network (such as Jay Rogers and Jon Henshaw), and all of the music was written, performed and produced by Rick Hinkle.

The iPad game also features one of the songs from the site, "The Magic Door", which is also available on iTunes here.