The Mixed-Up Wacky Zoo is available in iTunes!

Apple is all fired up for the new year! After submitting our first storybook for the iPad only 5 days ago, it has already been reviewed and is now available in the iTunes store!

Check it out here!

It came out so soon, we didn't even have enough time to complete a introductory video! We'll have that available very soon.

The Mixed-Up Wacky Zoo is an interactive story for kids 3 and up. Rob Spence wrote the story, which is about a boy who witnesses a crazy parade of animals out of nowhere! Each page refers to what the group of animals is called (a tower of giraffes, a pod of whales, a bloat of hippos), with fun, colorful descriptions of all the eccentric characters. Fun for kids and adults!

The art is traditionally drawn (by Phil Jones), and the music was specifically written for this story (by Rick Hinkle). As you flip through each page, touching the characters brings them to life as they animate and let out their own funny sounds. There's also a lot of humor in there for parents as well, as you'll find a few references from back when you were young. =)

We hope you enjoy! This is our first story out of many coming down the line. We're experimenting with all sort of styles, options and music, to offer whimsical, creative visuals and stimulating reading. We can't wait to show you more!