Happy March!

Whew! We made it through February. What a rush! Lots of things changing out there in the publishing world...

We're on to revising our promo kit and website, so look for those to both be available soon!

A few more items in the queue:

  • A printed book of our original story, "The Mixed-Up Wacky Zoo", to be available on LuLu.com (and possibly Amazon). I'll post a link to that/those as soon it's/they're ready!
  • A wonderful interactive photo and video storybook for iPad – but first, the client will be raising money for it on kickstarter.com. I'll post a link as soon as that's up, too!
  • A few apps for the Android platform!
  • A gallery show at Northern Ohio University in late March by Phil Jones, talented illustrator of our "Zoo" app. He'll be showcasing the story as well as his own amazing art!

Keep close for updates...