Revisiting Pumpkin Pad

We released our very first creative play iPad app for Halloween just over one year ago. Pumpkin Pad was incredibly fun to make, and sales are still going strong! (AND all year long!!!)

Pumpkin Pad combines whimsical art and kooky music to create a lighthearted, open-creative Halloween app for kids AND adults. You can pick from one of three pumpkins in the pumpkin patch to carve and design using a ton of different options: You can carve free-form using your finger, use one of the punch-out shapes, and also choose from humorous "stickers" of eyes, noses and mouths to create thousands of combinations!

We've also added in a bunch of different backgrounds and music selections to choose from as a really nice touch to get you in the Halloween spirit. And for only $1.99, it's an easy purchase for a ton of spooky fun! And once you've created your scene, send it to your friends and family.... Or even send it to US!

We've received hundreds of silly and creative pumpkins from kids of ALL ages from all over the WORLD! (We're putting up a gallery of all of them on our website very soon!) You can see just a tiny handful of them in this silly video we put together for the app last year right here.

Here's one of our latest creations.... We'd love to see YOURS!