R&C completes digital products for Pearson's "I See I Learn" DVD

Coming soon to a classroom near you...

Robots and Cupcakes has just completed 8 animations and 16 digital games for Pearson's “I See I Learn” book series by Stuart J. Murphy! They’ll be available on DVD for classrooms, along with digital versions of Stuart’s 16 main storybooks.

The animations are supplemental stories to the main storybooks; After the kids read the stories, the animations have a similar storyline that refer back to the icons, graphs, and lessons learned in the books. R&C handled the storyboarding, art direction, music and voiceovers, animations and video production.

R&C additionally built 16 “Story Sort” digital games in HTML which are played from the DVD, one game for each of Stuart’s books. The children pull the images from each of the stories from memory into the correct order. Lots of sounds and rewards with wonderful design!

Here’s the announcement of the products:

These will also be shown at this year’s Educational conferences, so be on the lookout for a sneak peek!