Kid's YoPower! is here for iPad!

YoMagination and Robots and Cupcakes has finally gotten the green light to release an introductory story app based on the YoPoweR! printed curriculum:

This is YoMagination's very first iPad app, which introduces the Island of YoMagination and the characters that live there. The app is a WONDERFULLY positive story with a warm, calming voice that walks kids through how to recognize anxiety and stress, how to focus and breathe in order to take control and manage their emotions. "That's YoPoweR!"

There are two activities within the story that also introduce and visually explain the negative and stressful feelings (called Ooglily Booglies) and the positive, energizing feelings (Tiggly Wigglies). Kids learn they can replace negative feelings with positive ones when they focus and breathe, the YoPoweR! way! There are even shortcuts on the Main app page that can take kids directly to those activities in times of need. (We think EVERYONE can benefit from this app!!!)

The music (performed and produced by our friend Rob Warren of Rob Warren Music), and illustrations (by our very own "Mixed-Up Wacky Zoo" and "A.J.'s Big Adventure!" artist Phil Jones), brings full life to this delightfully written, rhyming story lesson by Heather Quillen, founder of YoMagination.

A little about the printed curriculum:
We also like to add that we especially (and wholeheartedly!) believe in the YoPoweR! curriculum. The programs have already been integrated into current classroom systems, as well as after school programs and camp activities. In addition, Heather Quillen has traveled to troubled schools in poor neighborhoods to teach YoPoweR! classes to teachers and troubled kids, bringing benefits to many who may need it most! We've seen video and photos of these events. It’s AMAZING how the kids respond!!

The program provides a comprehensive, whole child approach to health and wellness. Including a fitness component that engages both teachers and the students to do stretches and basic yoga poses together, as they understand what each pose represents. Anxious, angry, even autistic kids are able to have instant structure and focus, and brreeeeeathe it out… A wonderful, wonderful program.

Heather Quillen developed the full classroom programs along with the help of a team of children's psychologists, education and curriculum advisors, wellness doctors and even yoga masters. The programs are in alignment with national learning standards and frameworks, Head Start/Body Start and several other health and pediatric recommendations.

PUBLISHERS, teachers, therapist and parents looking for a new, incredible, stand out health and wellness program that has already been shaped and approved by doctors and psychologists: TAKE NOTE!!!

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