Rabbit's House now available for iPad

Oxford University’s “Rabbit’s House” has been released for the iPad! We had a wonderful time animating and developing it. (One of our favorite things to do!)  =)

Rabbit’s House is a storybook language development app brought to you by Oxford, especially designed for very young children learning to read, as well as ESL students.

Kids can allow the app read the story to them, or they just read the story by themselves. They can even choose to use a word highlighting feature, so when an individual word is tapped, it is read out loud by the narrator. Additional phonics words are included with an icon to add visual connection to the word. Additionally, there’s a Quiz section in the app to help your kids practice letter sounds and phonics words included in the story! The art is cute and colorful with some little animations to entertain.

Check it out! You can find it in the iTunes Store, here.

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